Honouring the Dance of the Masculine & Feminine: An Archetypal Perspective!

The honouring process is one of mutual understanding, accepting differences and embracing the other for who they are. Men generally want to be appreciated for what they do and give, while women often yearn to be cherished for being beautiful, wonderful or loving. When the masculine and feminine see each others differences and hold each other in a loving embrace, an amazing phenomenon occurs. Our hearts open, everything becomes brighter and seems more alive and it feels like life a blessing.

The more we all can see ourselves with mindful-awareness and how we project aspects of ourselves onto our partner, the more we can choose to step out of those perceptions and work through what is really needed in the relationship.

As we do this we can open to:

  • Real commitment in relationship
  • Effective communication between the genders
  • Understanding each others differences
  • Honouring the emotions within
  • And of course, great sex!
  • Conscious Relationship is all about honouring the opposite gender for the wonderful person they are in all their beauty and all their flaws. I personally believe that the more we learn to integrate these practices into our lives, the more we not only heal ourselves individually, but we also help heal the energy of our past family patterns and gender archetypal memories, that span the past and the future.

    Healing the rift between the genders is healing an archetypal wound. Some of that intense pain felt deeply within the body could be bigger than our own. Maybe it is the unconscious universal energy of the masculine and feminine. I sometimes feel so much sadness out there within my own gender, due to the mis-understanding, blame and criticism, and the aggression acted out of the archetypal hurt… that I cry! I feel the masculine wound as well, and feel deeply sad within my heart. There comes a time when this destructive dance between the masculine and feminine needs to be turned around. It is time to learn how to honour each other, rather than further the damaging effects of ignorance and hurt. Conscious relationship is the co-creation of men and women, honouring themselves and each other! There is a new dance, one that celebrates the both masculine and the feminine!!!

    How do you honour yourself in your relationship?

    What ways would you like to honour your partner?