Mindfulness CD

“Experience the Freedom Within”

Mindfulness Meditation CD


This beautiful CD is wonderfully illustrated and produced to enhance relaxation and tranquility. You will experience the basis of mindfulness by stepping back away from the thoughts and emotions that keep you stuck in patterns of suffering and into a place of freedom and self love.

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Give yourself the gift of freedom from thought and stress.


Annie Clark

Lifestyle Health Consultant / Author / Speaker for Health & Wellness.

Web: www.bewell.com.au

107 Evans Road, Cooroy 4563

Email: [email protected]

“I have been practising Lifestyle Health Consultancy for over 20 years, and during that time I come across many CD’s proclaiming to give help with calming the mind and soothing the soul, but rarely delivering.Vanessa Bushell’s amazing work – ‘Experience The Freedom Within’ has captured serenity in a handy CD size option, so that any one, any time can listen to these beautiful words delivered in such a loving and gentle way.”

“I personally found it very beneficial, relaxing and liberating to listen to, and I continually use it for my relaxation sessions with clients and personal use.Vanessa’s experience, wisdom and grace come through so clearly which helps the listener to find peace long after the session is over.I highly recommend ‘Experience The Freedom Within’ for private or professional use.”

Annie Clark. Dip. LHC. Author. Iridologist. NES practitioner. Guest Speaker for Health and Lifestyle Topics.


Kelly Milne

“Words are not sufficient to communicate the profound effects the “Experience the Freedom Within” CD has had on my life. During a time of immense stress, saddness and anxiety I was in a black hole with no knowledge or strength to dig myself out. I experienced immediate comfort listeing to the relaxation techniques and was able to start to bring my mind and soul back to a place of awareness and peace,  hence a safe sanctuary to begin my healing process.

I continue to use these techniques in everyday life, and STILL frequently listen to it and experience great comfort and peace. Thank you Vanessa for making my world a much, much better place …”