Feminine Confidence in Business

Knowing how to work with our emotions as women is a powerful ingredient in our self-confidence in business. As women, most of us are primarily ‘feminine in our essence’ [concept by David Deida] and world orientation and therefore, are emotionally based creatures. We literally see the world through our emotions. We think in terms of emotional landscapes and we process topics in context of our interpersonal relationships.  This is quite different from those of us (male or female in physical gender) who are primarily masculine in their essence. The masculine is far more physical and mental, while the feminine is more emotional.

Feminine Wisdom in Business

It is unfortunate that feminine wisdom and emotion has been dismissed, trivialised and shamed for so long in our culture. The gifts that the feminine brings to business include awareness of interpersonal dynamics in the work place, increasing profitability through acknowledging personal value of staff and customers, and workplace co-operation. While the masculine is very good at directing the team towards specific goals and achieving a vision, the feminine is a complimentary force that considers the individual and team’s wellbeing, encourages dignity, respect and fair practice, and considers people’s feelings.

Empowering Ourselves through Honouring Emotion

The key to embracing the feminine in business is through honouring emotion. This honouring process includes:

  • Acknowledging feelings
  • Hearing the message within the emotion
  • Distinguishing between adaptive emotions and emotional memories
  • Safe emotional release and self-soothing
  • Responding rather than reacting from the emotion
  • As we learn how to apply these processes into our lives, we adopt a powerful ally … our emotional self! Listing and working with our emotion gives us an edge in the world of business as we are more connected with ourselves, more able to work with and help others, and more able to attract, encourage and receive in the business context. While the masculine is an awesome giving, directing and supportive energy, the feminine is a beautiful attractive energy. Over the next five blogs I will focus on each aspect of the feminine process in honouring emotions, listed above. Each of these aspects of the emotional process is vital for surfing the emotions rather than being dumped by them or supressing them. Working with emotions is the key to empowering the feminine in business.

    Have you been side swiped by your emotions which affected your business?


    2 Responses to “Feminine Confidence in Business”

    • Kama:

      I was detached from my feminine emotions for a quite while after my divorce, I believed it to be a protective mechanism at the time. When I started my business I also approached business from my masculine. I think deep down I thought I had to for protection. There is that protection word again! I started to notice that masculine wasn’t going to work for me, it just didn’t reflect who I was on the inside. I knew that I had to break through that masculine barrier and let the feminine out. This meant tearing down that wall of “protection.” It was a great journey, not always easy, but so worth it! I look forward to your next few posts and I am so glad you are helping women with the feminine in business. Such an important topic.

      • Vanessa Bushell:

        Hi Kama, fantastic comment! I agree that we as women often protect ourselves inside a masculine shell when we do not feel safe. This can be in relationship or in the office, but it is so important to recognize it allow us to safely soften into the feminine over time so we can be authentic to our true essence.

        Thank you for sharing your journey
        Lots of love


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