What Women Really Want … Emotional Safety

So many women I work with in therapy express the agonizing anxiety of not trusting other people in a diverse range of areas in their lives. Without emotional safety with our friends, at work, in our intimate relationships and in our families, we tend to protect ourselves and shut down. Unfortunately, this also blocks us off from ourselves, our emotions and authentic connections with other people. We become isolated, withdrawn and develop a hard shell around our hearts.

Understanding emotional safety is the cornerstone of self-assurance, self-confidence, self-value and feeling comfortable in our own skin as women. Without knowing what is safe and what is not on an emotional level, we do not have the fundamental information to assess our personal boundaries with other people or to make choices as to who we let close to us. Then we do not trust ourselves and we become embroiled in self-doubt and confusion. We tend to betray ourselves with our choices and allow situations and relationships that harm us to remain in our lives. Due to our lack of understanding of emotional safety, we may allow others to exploit, control or abuse us. This is why as a woman, it is vital to understand our emotional selves and what our emotions are telling us.

The Feminine is all about emotion

Emotional safety essentially supports our feminine essence to open, trust and radiate. Therefore, it is crucial to establish emotionally safe relationships and remain connected to our emotions, rather than block them off to protect ourselves. Our emotions are our guidance mechanism system that helps us navigate the sometimes confusing and dangerous word we live in. They are fundamental to who we are as women. They are trying to tell us something important about what is happening to us, and they will scream louder if we do not listen. Without emotional safety, we will inevitably shut down, disconnect and protect ourselves.

So what we really want as women is to feel emotionally safe in all of our relationships, including our relationship with ourselves. Only then will we become who we really are and reach our potentials.

To honour International Women’s Day today, I will post blogs over the next weeks on creating emotional safe relationships. Stay posted on how we can create healthy boundaries in our relationships based on principles of emotional safety, without shutting ourselves down or closing off from the world.

Embracing our Inner-Woman

Join me for a fabulous weekend of learning new ways of relating to your emotional self that increases your self-confidence, acceptance, happiness and self-love.


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