Waves of Emotion Workshop

Surfing the Waves of Emotion

Personal Development Workshop for Women

Facilitated by Vanessa Bushell, Janet McGeever  & Emma Creed

Sura Nualpradid FreeDigitalPhotos.net Emotions are a powerful force that are largely misunderstood, especially in Western culture. We are often told we should suppress, get over or medicate how we feel. Unfortunately, this leaves us feeling more confused, disconnected from ourselves and vulnerable to making decisions that are out of alignment with our truth. Learning how to stay present with your emotions and give them the time and space they deserve to be heard is powerfully healing and refreshing. Experiencing that you can remaining still with your emotion rather than avoid them or resist them, open the door to learning how to work with them which ultimately empowers you!

usamedeniz FreeDigitalPhotos.netAs women, generally we are emotionally-based in our thinking and actions. We primarily consider the flow and ebb of interpersonal relationships and the forever changing emotions within ourselves. Therefore as women, without knowing how to honor our emotions can leave us feeling unbalanced and caught in the storm of emotional reaction. This course can help you to find your feet and self-acceptance in the context of relationships and within yourself. Leaning to understand and honor your emotions will empower you on your journey towards self-love and self-value.



Three presenters for two amazing days

Vanessa Bushell – mastering emotion, valued at $598.00
Janet McGeever – emotion and sexuality, valued at $200.00
Emma Creed – musical expression of emotion, valued at $160.00

Valued at $958.00

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[Note. the payment plan is $150.00 per month for three months]


In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Identify emotional memories held in your body
  • Know the difference between adaptive emotions and emotional wounds from the past
  • Honor emotions, listen to the messages behind them, and feel comfortable in your own skin
  • Practice mindfulness practice to balance emotions
  • Understand and work with emotions and sexuality as women
  • Soothe emotional overwhelm and create emotional safety
  • Express yourself and your emotions through music and play
  • Vanessa Bushell (Psychologist) Conscious Solutions

    Vanessa is a psychologist who works outside the square. She specializes in emotional well-being for women, conscious relationship and psycho-spiritual counselling. She embraces the benefits of alternative therapies and works in collaboration with both Western medicine and Eastern modalities.

    Vanessa has a private in Coolum Beach, develops products such as the CD “Experience the Freedom Within” and the book, “Don’t Tell Me To Get Over It: A Woman’s Guide to Navigating Emotional Overwhelm”, and facilitates workshops.


    Janet McGeever (Sexuality Educator/Counsellor) The Conscious Heart

    Janet McGeever is an educator, TEDx speaker and counsellor and the Australian presenter, along with her partner, of The Making Love RetreatTM, a 6 day retreat for couples, which creates the space for renewed intimacy, respect, connection and love.

    Janet has been working with women for more than 15 years. She is passionate about empowering and educating women about sexuality and relationships through her own women’s workshops and retreats.


    Emma Creed (Self-expression Specialist) Sound Affects

    Emma Creed is a Music Educator, Sound Healer, Dance Therapist and The Self-Expression Specialist whose mission is to creatively and playfully empower women to create stillness in the busy-ness of life so that they can then BE all they are with grace and ease.

    Emma loves sharing the power of sound, song, stillness and silence in assisting women to return to their gentleness and be their fullest self-expressed with every breath.  With a beautiful voice and in her own unique holistic style, Emma facilitates her work with warmth, humour and compassion; creating a sacred, safe and sensual space for experiencing new levels of self-expression. www.emmacreed.com

    At the Atlantean Earth Healing Center, Yandina, Sunshine Coast

    Date to be advised

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    Morning and Afternoon Tea Provided

    Lunch catered

    For further information about this workshop contact Vanessa on 0424 507 101

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