Spiritual Egotism!


Today I present the final piece of writing in this series on “The Law of Attraction… Are My Beliefs Ruining My Life?” My last point in that blog was that people who call themselves “spiritual” are actually in the process of identifying with a concept, which is an egoic state. Being spiritual is not an identity nor is it a belief.


I heard a story once… I think it was a Hindu story! I cannot remember all of it but here goes… there was a man who loved a certain God and was trying to prove he was the most devoted person on the planet. He succeeded at a range of increasingly difficult tasks to prove his faith and commitment, every time asking the God if he was the most devoted person an on Earth. Each time he got the response that he was not the most devoted. Finally after achieving some super human feat he broke down in exhaustion and asked who was the most devoted… has he not done everything to prove he is the most spiritual person devoted to this God? The God pointed to another man, a humble man in a field who ploughed the Earth every day. The first man turned to the God, confusion across his face, “But this man does not even call himself spiritual!” “Yes” replied the God, “that is the point exactly!”

The Key!!!

The truth is we are all spiritual. Spirit cannot be separated from matter. We may identify at a personality level with one religion or another, or some spiritual practice but as Eckhart Tolle states… these are all sign posts. If we remain looking for sign posts or strongly identifying with sign post then I guess, the belief in the sign post will be strengthened. But this has nothing to do with Spirit.

Irrespective of what a person identifies with, I can feel their connection or disconnection with Spirit or the Devine Presence (or God, if you are Christian). You can simply feel it!!! A person, who authentically walks a spiritual path and is connected to love, shines brightly. Through their own dark night of the soul, facing their inner demons, opening to love and honouring themselves, other people and the nature, they have found a sense of spiritual serenity.

The spiritual path is magnificent and beautiful. It has many thorns and challenges. And it is honourable and certainly, in my experience, worthwhile. Ultimately the key is LOVE. Spirit IS love!!! It does not matter what you call yourself… spiritual or non-spiritual or whatever. When you feel it, there is no mistaking it… it is beautiful… it is LIFE!!!


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