The Consequences of Separating Spirit from Matter

The first point in my blog called “The Law of Attraction … Are My Beliefs Ruining My Life?” was that the spiritual and the tangible material world are not separate. Today my blog focuses on that point and demonstrates the consequences if we perceive them as separate.

When we separate the spiritual from the material world we lose something! The material world loses a sense of soul when it is devoid of spirit. The spiritual realm loses colour and substance when it is divorced from matter. Spirit loves to dance in the material world and cannot be separated from it.

Together, the spiritual and the material create life itself. Spirit is not IN matter … it IS matter! Matter cannot exist without spirit because ultimately it is one and the same. I believe they are not actually separate. It is all about how we human beings perceive them, understand them and speak about them.

The consequences of treating the spiritual and material realms as a duality can been seen over the last two thousand years throughout the world. In the Western world religions and influential philosophical thinkers have separated mind from matter, and spirit from mind. As a culture we have also separated humanity from nature and men from women. We have been living an illusion of segregation and separation which has led to loss, grief and destruction across the planet.

We do not have to look far to see how the Western mindset of separation affects us on a very fundamental level. The very air we breathe is jeopardised by narrow thinking of how we can use our planet rather than how we can LIVE WITHIN IT. Our environment, social structures, relationships, physical and mental health and a great deal more have suffered and will continue to suffer, if we do not change our mentality of separation.

So when it comes to separating spirit from matter in the Western mind, it is no surprise how extreme this divide has become. The consequences include the number of people who are driven by profit and material gain at the expense of honouring themselves or others or the environment. The material world has become something to exploit, rather than something sacred with a memory and soul of its own. Eventually civilisation will fall because our spiritually devoid practices are simply unsustainable.

The flip side of this duality between spirit and matter is that religion becomes a separate exclusive club based on judgement, fear and guilt. I am not saying that there are not positive aspects of religion and spirituality… there is a lot of good that comes from it. I am simply saying that when the spiritual becomes separated from the world, our bodies and nature, it becomes more about the mind than the soul. Through this process of separation, religion and spirituality lost its heart and connection with life. These are some of the consequences of separating the spiritual from the material.

There is another consequence to separating spirit from the material world. The spiritual both in the East and the West has adopted the idea that to be spiritual is to renounce worldly goods and become self-sacrificial. Again, this perspective of separation between the spiritual and the world can lead to an extreme state of physical deprivation. There are spiritual benefits of detoxification, fasting, and practices to enhance altered-states-of-consciousness that help separate us from our addictions and unconscious habits. However, when these practices are driven by an egoic state of mind that thinks it is good to self sacrifice, the psychological and interpersonal effects can less than desirable. People can end up giving while harboring resentment and a sense of self loathing. This mindset is not love based and does not foster healthy boundaries and empowerment.

I wonder if we balanced the spiritual and material if we would evolve to a higher state of being? I wonder…

I wonder what would happen if we brought the spiritual and the material together? I wonder if we could align honouring ourselves and Spirit with our everyday lives IN THE MATERIAL WORLD. As I sit in my chair, facing my computer, writing a Work Cover report for a person suffering severe stress in the workplace… I wonder!

I open my heart to my writing this report. I hold compassion within my being for my client, Work Cover QLD and those involved in causing harm and stress to my client. Report writing becomes like a prayer! And yet on the outside it looks just like a Work Cover report! But it is created with love and grace.

When I creatively merge the material with the spiritual, what amazes me the most is that the mundane tasks at work become a beautiful expression of spirit!!!


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One Response to “The Consequences of Separating Spirit from Matter”

  • Vladimir Erin:

    What can I say ? Absolutely genius ideas! That’s exactly what I cannot prove to religious people and to philosophers.Lay people usually are not interested in spiritual matter. .And usually they are unable to even grasp what I am talking about.Scientists neither endorse nor refute these ideas.The ideas ,of course , are not new.First time I came across of the similar idea in a song of a band ” Yello”. The song name is ” Domingo ” ,and this is a part of a lyrics – ” We are here in this holy cave today To celebrate the reincarnation of Domingo de Santa Clara The man who convinced us that there is no Lord For His name is Buddha, Allah, Shiva, Jahve outside our bodies We are God ’cause only we can create the idea Of His existence in our holy brains”. Since then I took it seriously.And now I convinced that we are together somehow create the entity spiritual by nature.It is not yet fully developed, but has a huge potential for development.( I mean God on earth) Coming from the premise that the more organised matter the more spirit in it.And soon we can reach the stage in development when this entity will obtain the tremendous level of self- consciousness.But this entity now needs a lot of people like You to accomplish this goal.Actually it will be Heaven on Earth when the mundane tasks at work will become a beautiful expression of spirit!!! When You hold this view then God ( better to say ” spiritual agency “) gives You special ability to feel immortality and perceive the oneness of spirit and matter here and now on earth.Good for You!!!!