About the Therapeutic Process

Therapy at Conscious Solutions is based on a number of psychological therapies including cognitive behavioural therapy, systemic approaches, emotionally focussed therapy, and mindfulness based approaches. The type of therapeutic approach used for each person is chosen upon and adapted to fit, the individual person’s unique circumstances, background, values and personality. Generally the therapeutic process can teaches people how to break through self sabotaging emotional patterns. People who have accessed counselling at Conscious Solutions have learnt valuable information to better understand both conscious and unconscious processes that underlie self sabotaging patterns and what is involved in overcoming these patterns.

Self sabotage patterns come in many forms, including:

  • fear of people, places or events that holds you back from creating success in your life
  • anger that sabotages your relationships and effects your health
  • shame that feeds addictions and ruins your relationships and your health
  • self protection that inhibits meaningful connection in your relationships
  • self judgement that imprisons you and sabotages your freedom and happiness
  • lack of self worth, emotional nurturing and self value that underlies eating disorders


Counselling at Conscious Solutions can enhance your ability to release unconscious emotional memories that are at the core of the self sabotaging patterns though raising self awareness and learning mindfulness based approaches. What ever the pattern, they all hold you back from personal empowerment and success. This therapeutic process helps people to embrace their inner potential and create a life experience that promotes personal peace and happiness within yourself and your relationships.

To make an appointment please call Vanessa Bushell (Psychologist) on 0424 507 101