Empower Yourself with Meaning, Purpose & Connection

Counselling at Conscious Solutions is a non-judgmental, safe place for people, couples and families to explore unconscious psychological patterns, break free from those patterns and empower themselves and their relationships. The core values at Conscious Solutions include:

  • Creating a safe and respectful space to explore your psychological and emotional patterns
  • Promoting self acceptance and mindfulness as a basis for personal change
  • Encouraging conscious awareness through self-understanding and interpersonal connection
  • Validating and acknowledging the emotional self and embracing emotional wisdom
  • When to Access Counselling

    The best time to heal emotional patterns is when you are not in crisis, but rather you have a supportive, secure and safe lifestyle. It is in these times in our lives when we can do some soul searching and heal the sabotaging patterns that have affected us throughout our lives. By choosing to heal when life is stable, we have the resources, emotional stability and the mindset to effectively break through self-sabotage and deep emotional wounding.

    Vanessa Bushell is currently on extended leave until further notice