The Psychology of Business Series 2011

Have You Looked at the Mental Health of Your Business Lately?

Whether it is global, national or local I hear the same message about our economy… things are tight! In my practice as a psychologist I hear about the very real effects of our economic slump on people’s lives personally, professionally and inter-personally. As profit margins slide, people are becoming more stressed, anxious, moody and intolerant. And yet, now is the time when we need to become more co-operative, accepting and resilient if we are more likely to find a way through the current economic market trends. More than ever, we need mental clarity and emotional balance. What I tend to see is that the individual’s stress level often parallels the company’s stress. Both a person and a company can be seen as an “entity” that affects each other. Individuals in a business are only as healthy as the company is, and visa versa. Over the next few weeks we are going to start by looking at the individual in a company to see how to maintain mental balance and health in stressful environments. Then we are going to look at the company itself. We are going to explore how to keep your company mentally balanced in a challenging and rapidly changing economic landscape.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks and learn about how your staff and your business can strengthen and even succeed through this economic climate!


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