Balancing the Spiritual and the Tangible World

The second point in the blog “The Law of Attraction … Are My Beliefs Ruining My Life?” is about balancing the spiritual with the material. When we either chose or simply find ourselves embarking on a “spiritual journey”, balance within our mind, body and the external world are essential if we are to stay sane through the process. Of course, increasing awareness generally creates chaos both within and without, as self-transformation often occurs through experiential change. However, we cannot forget how important it is to come back to a state of balance when we are going through change.

A spiritual journey is simply about opening your awareness to the spiritual dimension of experience that we are already having. Ultimately spiritual connection can help us to heal, especially through practices that honour the self, others and nature. However it is vital to hold balance as an essential ingredient in the process.

In my experience, both within my own spiritual/life journey and what I have heard from others, there is an enormous tendency to become elated and fly sky high for a while. This can happen due to beginning a regular mediation practice, spiritual healing or energetic clearings, or from awakening in other similar ways. When this happens, it is amazing! Everything is beautiful and we can easily be lead to think that everything will be perfect from now on. This is an altered-state-of-consciousness and yes, it is an amazing, beautiful spiritual experience. But it is important not to be fooled!

Spiritual practices that have had thousands of years of evolution such as Buddhism, are aware that these amazing states of being are a “glamour”. They know what goes up, must come down. Depression can result from a period of meditation and psychosis can result from spiritual emergence. I will go into more detail about spiritual emergence and mental illness in my next blog. But for now, it is important to recognise that the intensity of spiritually awakening can fool us when it is beautiful.

Of course, at other times the spiritual path can feel intensely painful too. Whichever way, it tends to take us out of suppressing emotionally charged patterns and issues so we can heal and release them.

Another point about balance is this. One of my favourite authors and therapist, John Welwood explains the balance between Eastern spiritual practice and Western psychology of the mind and science. John wonderfully illustrates people’s processes of healing at a deep unconscious level in his book “Love and Awakening”. The core of this process involves acknowledging the underlying real needs underneath the wounds that are often revealed within the context of intimate relationship. The real need may be to belong, to be loved, to feel valued, to be safe, to be supported, and to connect. The memories of having any of these needs neglected or violated is held in our bodies and energetically until healed. So a spiritual journey will trigger them as will a close relationship. So to balance the Eastern and Western perspective is a great way of moving forward to heal ourselves.

As we embark on these sometimes painful and sometimes beautiful journeys, it is essential to “hold the balance” so we can integrate the learnings into our minds and souls.

Balance is the practice of mindfulness… a process of witnessing emotional patterns and thoughts that come up when triggered. And likewise, witnessing the glamour of the blissful altered-state-of-consciousness when everything shines brightly.

Balance is embracing the Western science of psychology AND Eastern spiritual practices. I believe this is essential as we step into the changing awareness beyond 2012.

Balance is awareness and nurturing of our body, what we feed our mind, and compassion for emotion, as we become increasing more sensitive mind, body and soul. What are we eating, what are we watching on TV (horror movies might not have the same appeal!), what music are we listening, who are we putting ourselves around are all about balance.

Balance is stepping away from the busy human created world and cyber-world and being with nature! And it is stepping out of the simple non-action-of-being, to act and actively create within the human world of our creations.

Balance is our gentle breath… in and out! It is the flow of giving and receiving… It is a “Both/And” reality as opposed to an “Either/Or” reality. It is connection and integration!

Balance is the Key to integration of the material and spiritual!!!

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4 Responses to “Balancing the Spiritual and the Tangible World”

  • Madonna:

    Once again a truly informed and thought provoking post. Balance is the key to everything in life.

  • Annie:

    I totally agree with Madonna…once again, well done !!! And I will be taking more notice of where my life isn’t balanced, while I look forward to your next inspiring article.

    Have you ever thought about putting all of your blogs, or writings into a book form???